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Today I will share this article written by a wonderful man

The time to take hold of your life and cause a major change in your life, the life of your generation and generations unborn is now. It starts with a dynamic decision, and is followed by a dynamic action based on the decision and a dynamic determination to make this happen. The TIME is NOW and it all depends on YOU.


By Charles A. Sam

Times, seasons and eras are an important part of human advancement, and so do nations and continents go through generational cycles.

20th century Africa can be likened to the Israelis who were led out of Egypt by Moses to build a new nation. Their dispensation, mindset, sole dependence on God for direct provision without using the already blessed dynamic human capabilities He had given to them to make a paradise of their lives, and Moses their leader, whom they consistently grumbled against, threatened, rebelled against, even insulted without offering any constructive prescriptions for the way forward, was not the kind God could cooperate with in the serious business of implementing an ambition of creating a new nation. God had to wait for their children, another generation who were wired, trained, relevantly skilled, prepared and positioned differently, obviously premised on a winner’s mindset and not on a defeatist one.

Over half a century after the 20th century birth of new nations on the continent, that was characterized by a people with heightened aspirations and pledges at the various independence dates to construct on  the trinity of justice, peace and opportunity for all, has turned out to be a “short-change “ situation in which the older generation has failed to adequately train, raise up, mould,  prepare, strategically position and facilitate opportunities for the continents new  generation to drive a 21st century agenda with its high energy levels. Unfortunately, Africa’s emerging middle class of the new generation stock has largely being fashioned in some aspects, in the mould of the old and find themselves operating in the belly of the older generation. Africa’s closure of the 20th century is long overdue.

How can we be putting old wine in new wineskins? How can we be operating with 20th century tools in a 21st century world? Why do we invest the bulk of our energies litigating the past, rather than forge fiercely a progressive future? How can we still be functioning as a 20th century continent in a fast changing 21st century inter-twined global-spirited world? How can we be engaged in 20th century parenting, political, traditional and business leadership practices, irrelevant education, pastoral leadership and style, all premised on a dead century’s thinking, and expect to be competitive?

Our game must change. It is time for a generation change across the continent and to see tangible economic improvements in the lives of a critical mass of our youth. The future is now and we are already late. WAKE UP TO THE NEW DAY REALITY, OLD GENERATION!!. RISE UP TO RESPONSIBILITY, NEW GENERATION AFRICA!!. YES WE CAN!!.   


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