Truth prevails, honesty will open doors

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In life, we face situations in which
telling the truth is very
straightfoward. We do not face any
internal or external objections to
telling the truth. We all love to find
ourselves in such situations. The
simple truth is that the human
mentality is programmed to tell the
truth always. That is why we feel
bad each time we tell a lie.
Honesty is a virtue that results
from being consistently truthful.
We all start life as a clean sheet,
full of truthfulness and honesty.
When we lie, we bring a corruption
to our mental and biological
The human mind is also
programmed to adjust. So if we
keep telling lies, very soon our
human mind will become
predisposed to telling lies and then
we become dishonest. We will lie
even if the truth is inevitably
Our human disposition will prevail.
Simply put, our truthful nature will
always stay with us. You can’t cheat
nature and win forever. If you get
away with a lie today, tomorrow
will give you away with today’s lie.
Remind your mind to tell the truth
no matter how bitter it is because
very soon everybody will regard
you as an honest person.
Truth prevails, honesty will open


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