A step into the future is always taken in the present

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Do you know what the future holds for you? Maybe yes, maybe no.
What is certain however is that you create your future in the present. Your thought processes, your actions and your inactions culminate to create an associated future for you. So in effect, you know your future just that you do not take cognisance of the fact that your present choices create that future. So you say I don’t know what the future holds. You know and you create it!

Nothing in life happens as an isolated event.
Something happens because something has to happen and also something happens because something has happened. Whatever happens to you has a link to your past and your future.
Simply put, your past choices influences your present choices and your present choices influences your future choices.
So whenever you make a choice, take your time to consider all possible outcomes because your future depends on it.

Whatever your dream is, you need to create it by taking both crucial and not-so crucial choices that will build it.
If you make a wrong decision, don’t give up. You can always undo the harm that has been done.
Take up the mantle and step boldly into your dream future, because a step into the future is always taken in the present.


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