Envy is a bitter character that spells cowardice

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We have all been envious of one thing or the other before. If you can’t recall any such experience let me remind you of the time when you were a kid. The kid next door had so many toys than you had. So you were so envious of him to the extent that you hated him. ..Remember?

Even in our adult life we have fallen victim to ENVY one way or the other.
The simple hard truth is that envy spells cowardice. We fear to accept the truth about our lives so much that we look for a blame-source. When we find none, we resort to hating those who have what we do not have or what we need to change about ourself but have not been able to change.

By our human nature, we never accept fear. We never accept cowardice. Whenever an issue about fear or cowardice pops up, we naturally get defensive. We will never accept that we are afraid or we are cowards.
When you envy another person, you are indirectly saying that you are afraid to accept the things you do not have or the things you have to change about yourself.

People confuse envy with respect. They say ‘oh I respect him, I don’t envy him’.
But be honest with yourself, respect and envy are not the same character.
If you respect someone for what he has which you do not have, you will not hate the person. You will not use the person’s misgivings towards you as a point to vent your envy filled spleen on him. You will not spread malicious information about him. You will not smile before his face and frown at his back. Your heart will not miss a beat or beat faster under the influence of anger’s fuel.
Respect and envy are not the same.

Be confident in yourself. Remind yourself constantly how great you are, how wonderful you are, how beautiful you are.
Fill your mind with positive images of who you are. Above all be thankful for what you have.

Kill envy now or you die a coward!


4 thoughts on “Envy is a bitter character that spells cowardice

    Bediako Bismark said:
    March 4, 2015 at 8:34 am

    so touching sir

    Lydia said:
    March 10, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Great work!

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