True excellence

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The fact that you are at the top does not mean you are excellent. How many people have you helped to reach the top? That is what matters.

Excellence is not just about winning and breaking and setting new records. It is about how you use your unique achievement to help other people reach their maximum.

Excellence with a ‘but’ is short of true excellence.
“oh he is excellent, BUT selfish”
“Oh he is excellent at Maths, BUT he will never help those of us with problems.”
“He is so excellent at putting business ideas into practice, BUT he is wicked”.
“He is an excellent leader, BUT he doesn’t care about other people.”

Excellence with a ‘BUT’ is not excellence at all.

True excellence is seen in selfless love for humanity.
You may not have achieved anything worth mentioning, but if you love selflessly, you are excellent.

Love all, hate none. At least try!


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