Patience wins

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Patience is a very important virtue in the life of a succesful man.
Patience is like the oil that keeps the metals of success from going rusty.
It is the guardian angel of success and excellence.

Think about some very crucial moments you have missed out on. We all have missed out on crucial moments.
The truth is that had you been just a second patient, you wouldn’t have missed out on that moment.

Patience is like the thumb. You cannot tie a knot successfully without the thumb.
Think about the many great inventions. What would have happenned if Thomas Edison lost patience. You see how important patience is?

Patience is like the palm oil that makes boiled cassava (success) so sweet.
While others rush and crush, you hold on and thread the mill of success patiently.
Success doest not come in a sudden swipe. It is as a result of repeatitive actions patiently executed.

Patience doesn’t mean sit and wait. If you sit, you rot. Don’t wait for anything, go for all things patiently.

Train your mind to be oriented to patience by inculcating patience in everything you do.
In your dealings with friends and family, be patient.
Life is rush enough for you to rush, hold on. He who laughs last laughs best.
Patience wins!


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