Beautiful day it is..

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Every day is a beauty.
See how the sky graciously turns from dark to gray.
See how the birds rhyme the morning away.
Feel how the sooth of the morning wind blows yesterday’s heat away.
Its all a beauty.
Regardless of how your yesterday was, today is a new day with great gracious beauty.
Don’t carry yesterday’s ugly gloom with you into today.

It may be a frustration or a setback with a ‘thing’ you are doing. Don’t bring it into today. Let todays beauty throw a new light into your heart and mind. Today is beautiful. Don’t give up on beauty.

Yesterday may have hit you with a disappointment from some one you believed in so much. Don’t give up. Stop worrying and walk into today with a big smile because today is beautiful.

It is not over until you give up. Don’t give up no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance, no matter the hurt, no matter the disappointment, no matter the denial.
Let the fire in you burn so you say….TODAY IS BEAUTIFUL AND I AIN’T GIVING UP!!


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