True source of happiness

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Your common goal as a person is to be happy in whatever you do.
Happiness is what everyone seeks.
You will say my goal is to find this good job or my goal is to earn this amount of salary. It is your goal because it is the one thing that will make you happy.
Our ladies will say I want to find a good man to marry and then I will build a happy family.
We are all chasing after this one safe spot called happiness.

As unique as you are, so is your definition of happiness.
How you define happiness is not the same way I define happiness.
Think about this, if happiness is the same safe spot for everybody, how would our world be? Your answer is as good as mine, very chaotic.
Every one would be fighting for a place at this safe spot.
Happiness is subjective and unique to each person.

However in all of the uniqueness lies one commonality which is often not acknowledged.
Happiness is a state of mind. You choose to be happy or not. That is what makes happiness unique….we all have unique mental states or mentalities.

Happiness is the safe spot where there is no pain or sorrow, where everything is always cozy, where everything good is boundless and plentiful…happiness is simply that sweet place.
However this sweet place does not exist at some place in this world neither does it exist in some material thing on earth.
Happiness exists in your mind.
The true source of happiness is from within you.

Simply, you make up your mind to be happy or not.
But why choose not to be happy.

Be happy in who you are and in everything you do. If there is something about you that makes you unhappy, change it. You have the free will to do that.


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