You are special

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Do you know what makes up the world.
It is not earth and its atmosphere. Neither is it the powerful and powerless countries.
The people in the world make up the world. Everybody with his unique character, in his unique place contribute to make the world ‘the world’. It is like an intricate design, a sort of giant web of lives.
Isn’t it fascinating that you are part of this intricate design, this giant web? Like a star in a galaxy, your light plays a part in the final light the galaxy produces. You are in this world. You are a part of what makes this world what it is. Regardless of your position now, regardless of how you are winning now, regardless of how you are losing now, regardless of how people trample upon you now, yes, regardless of whatever – NEVER LOSE YOUR SUBSTANCE AND VALUE IN THIS WORLD. KEEP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF, KEEP AT IT.


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